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Reminder: Every journey begins with a destination (remember to breathe)

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“Our videos take viewers on an emotional journey.” - Bruce Okabe, CEO

We made this video in hopes of showing the world how breathtaking our province truly is. From the highest peak to the lowest hill, we wanted to capture it all. Little did we know then that over 1,000,000 people would watch this video and share the pride of Alberta we so proudly bring to you every day. Thank you to everyone who has watched, shared and liked this video. We couldn’t have done it without you.  

They are some of the most trusted guides in the business, not to mention some of the most loved. After a recent poll over on our Twitter page, we discovered that dog sledding was at the top of many bucket lists. Allowing you to witness breathtaking scenery otherwise unseen, dog sledding provides the opportunity for you to sit back and enjoy the serene landscapes of Alberta with the companion of your choosing. If you are looking for your own (remember to breathe) moment, this could be it.