Wondering how to enter our ‘YAHOO Your Way to the Calgary Stampede' contest? We've got you covered. Follow these simple step-by-step notes below and you could be on your way to the centennial event this summer! 

Step 1

Record a video of your best YAHOO using your mobile phone, camera or other video recording device 

Step 2

Upload this video to your desktop or laptop computer and save as a .MOV or .FLV file  

Step 3 

Begin the submission process here

      Step-by-step submission process as shown in photos above 

  • Photo 1 - The homepage of the contest will have this logo on it 
  • Photo 2 - Edit your privacy setting here as indicated in the photo. In order for your video to be approved, these setting will have to be set to PUBLIC. Once these settings have been changed, click Go to App 
  • Photo 3 - Fill out this information as it applies to you 
  • Photo 4 - Upload the file you have already saved to your desktop computer
  • Photo 5 - A dialogue box will appear for you to locate your video. Find your file and click continue 
  • Photo 6 - Click Upload Now 
That’s it! We look forward to seeing your entry soon. You have until Friday, April 20th to enter.  

Good luck and YAHOO. 

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